Friday, February 12, 2016

The Beginning

     It happened one day shortly after my wife turned 40.  I guess this is a common occurrence. Perhaps with men, it happens earlier in their 30's.  But for some unknown reason,  my wife decided to go out for a jog to see what could happen.  I would never have guessed that it would entangle her in such a web of addiction.
     In the early years of our marriage,  I  tried to get my wife to run with me so we could stay in shape.  Married life tends to creep up on your waist line, if you know what I mean.    I was still in some-what good shape after leaving the Army....but that "shape" began to migrate with age, gravity and a home cooked meal everyday.  What better way to stay fit than to begin running?   However,  She would have nothing of it.

     I somehow managed to convince her to attempt a one mile run around a rubberized track.  Our first quarter mile was life threatening...for me!   I fear my wife was threatening to kill me if she died on this run.  We never finished that mile attempt.   That was the last time we ran together.
     However,   Time, Age, Health Concerns,  and the author Haruki Murakami somehow were able to do what I could not:   Create a passion for running in my wife's life.   This blog is my way of cataloging all the things that happen when your wife takes up a sport late in life....without you joining in.

I hope you ( and I) enjoy the ride.

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